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G-Dragon - Light It Up (ft. Tablo & DOK2)


2 years ago on 08/30/12 at 08:57pm

Jay Park- Dirty Bass Choreo

Wii U - New Super Mario Bros. U E3 Trailer

Personally, this game…one word, brilliant. *_*

yunnnnieee asked: Hi oppa!!!! How are you? (:

Donsaeng! I’m good :D How the !@#$%^ have you been?! 


j-sherbet (LOL)

2 years ago on 06/14/12 at 09:44pm

twentyninetythree asked: How are you sir?! It's been a looooooooooong time. haha xD

Hey strangelessnights! I’m doing great! How about yourself ma’m? :D It has been hasn’t it hahah, hope you’re doing swell!

2 years ago on 06/14/12 at 09:37pm

whatlyssaloves asked: Nice blog!^^

Thanks beautycutelove! Really appreciate it :)

2 years ago on 06/14/12 at 09:36pm

midnightprince asked: JEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, HI! LOL

PATIPATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT, HI! Hahah, hope you have been doing well man :~D

2 years ago on 06/14/12 at 09:35pm

If you want to see real choreo, you came to the right video :)

ヒンズースクワットをする犬と人 (Dog and its owner doing Hindu Squats)

Gotta give props to the dog for cheating with the wall LOL ^_^b

8 year old covers Train, Hey Soul Sister @ Ukulele Festival 2010

Left a smile on my face haha

Canon Rock - Sungha Jung

"I just started the electric guitar 2 months ago. I think I have a lot to work on with it and I look forward to the journey!"
- Sungha Jung

2NE1 - BE MINE M/V by INTEL “Make Thumb Noise” Project”

officialwuyifan asked: is that you in your picture on the side

Yush hahah 

2 years ago on 06/04/12 at 01:29pm

2NE1 - Ugly (Live Session)