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When you look at yourself in the mirror, do you like the person that you see staring back at you?

  1. h-cee answered: mm im not sure, i currently feel dissapointed in myself. but generally yes, i’ve learned to acceot myself for who i really am:D
  2. mali-cious1 answered: sometimes i do… honeslty a lot of the times i don’t so i stopped lookin all the time
  3. salleeluvs answered: looks wise i think im decent LOL
  4. goldenflacko answered: it depends if that person that is staring back at me likes me back
  5. almondcookie answered: no i dnt cos i wish i could be someone better than tht..
  6. bronxrebel answered: Most of the time.
  7. aznchocopocky answered: YESH! She needs some improvement but everyone does! :D makes life so much fun!
  8. xaviernwinn answered: Hell Yeah
  9. memissbeinghappy answered: hellyeah!
  10. maribelvaleriamua answered: No..kinda.. idk.. i do but my body is just not good enough\:
  11. katjayme answered: it depends.. is bloody mary staring back at me O____O
  12. likeclokwork answered: only sometimes ;
  13. inspiredhearts answered: First I see are my flaws that I hate. And then I see my beauty, and my personality. However, I don’t like to look at mirrors.
  14. 01022170 answered: Now, yes (:
  15. x3desiire answered: sometimes. but heey, no ones perfectt, riight?
  16. theboxerbriefs answered: No. I hate my reflection.
  17. johnathanroberts answered: meh
  18. lalunepleure answered: No, I don’t.
  19. ssstrawb3rryy answered: sometimes
  20. gracebracefacee answered: sometimes .
  21. itsnomik answered: I do like that person but i’m never satisfied =[
  22. weirdlikejamie answered: nope :/
  23. blessakim answered: Sometimes.
  24. kaybabe answered: no i think she’s quite ugly.
  25. gorchelle answered: I never settle for satisfaction.
  26. haiirina answered: I don’t know if I like her or not. There are times I’m scared of what she’s becoming.
  27. danwin answered: Wow, story of my life. No, not really. :(
  28. faultylove answered: sometimes.
  29. maywebef answered: I should all the time, love yourself & your flaws. LOL #icanbedeep2 ;D
  30. cornucopia-full-of-cellos answered: NO I DONT :(
  31. feelyoflow answered: no.
  32. 3mjay3l answered: sometimes
  33. lalaricecake answered: noD:
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